"I am in pain and I need to start somewhere"

60 min Bodywork Session:


"Please Focus Here"

This session is a focused session. We can work on a main issue for the whole session and make significant progress. 

90 min Bodywork Session:


"This is exactly what I need"

A more complete session. There is time to address specific issues and also time to address the body as a whole. Or this can be a very in depth session for one specific area. 

120 min Bodywork Session:


"I am serious about optimal health"

The most complete session I offer. A perfect choice for a monthly session to open the body and address restrictions. If you suffer from chronic pain, this is the session for you. 

"I am pretty sure I know what I need and I need a specific technique"

90 min Healthy Belly Massage: $150

"I feel like I need a reboot and a detox to my entire system"

Treating the abdomen is extremely important in the tradition of Thai massage for general health and wellness. Abdominal massage can help with pelvic pain, lower back and hip pain, digestive issues, constipation, menstrual cramps, hot flashes, night sweats, and anxiety. In traditional societies, the abdomen was the seat of vitality. We take a slow and gentle process of easing into the soft tissues of the abdomen. Abdominal massage also encourages lymphatic drainage. 

90 min Prenatal Massage:


"This is the best way to take care of myself for my baby"

This session is the ultimate relaxation experience to provide a nurturing space for both Mother and Baby to breathe more deeply.

90 min Manual Lymphatic Drainage: $150

"My lymphatic system needs some help"

This technique is performed without or with very minimal oil to encourage the lymphatic process along. This session includes a mini abdominal massage at the end which is a vital part of the lymphatic system of the body and will also encourage draining and processing. Because this technique uses light pressure, we use the massage table. This session addresses areas with stagnant lymphatic fluid which need

help processing.

90 min AFTER the Birth Recovery: $140

"I am in love with my baby and want to recover in the best way possible"

This massage session helps to support the needs of mothers who recently have given birth. Postpartum massage helps to calm down the nervous system, regulate hormones, decrease stress levels, and unwind the body from the pregnancy and birth. Breastfeeding babies are welcome to accompany mom for feeding and bonding during this session.

60 min Face and Foot Hour:


""I want an hour to myself to destress with a face, neck, and foot massage"

This session starts with a relaxing face and neck massage applied first with hands, followed by gentle scraping tools which help to drain fluids from the face and also promote circulation. We finish the session with a stress relieving foot massage. Many clients fall asleep during this deeply relaxing service! 

Series Of Five sessions at a discount

"I need to come back often to get the results I'm looking for"

You know you will need a few sessions to feel the way you want to feel. Enjoy a 10% discount when you invest in a series of five sessions.

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