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The self help gadget trend

If you are on social media these days you probably get a few of those massage drill product videos or other various products promising you relief at home.

Some of those products have some value but I want to explain why those products cannot replace a skilled massage therapist.

There is a difference in receiving work and someone guiding you through your bodywork experience that cannot be replicated when you do it to yourself. Taking yourself out of the active roll of "drilling" a massage device into your shoulder, or foam rolling your IT Band allows you to relax your entire nervous system. When you are in session with a Licensed Massage Therapist, we often ask you to take deep breaths and control the exhalation. We also can identify why discomfort is happening in the first place which may mean you are drilling into or rolling out the wrong place.

You do not have to throw your massage device or foam roller away, but definitely make an appointment with an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist to give you some guidance in your self care routine and make a wellness plan to make progress in the right direction.

We make wellness plans here at Brenda Bodywork because we know that our clients have goals and want to live their best life.

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