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"Am I too (fat, hairy, tall, small, etc________) to get a massage?"

Every now and then I get a request to address this question. Being a busy licensed massage therapist, I sometimes forget that scheduling that first appointment can be a huge hurdle for some people!

No, you aren't too fill-in-the-blank! In fact, you may be exactly the type of person who would benefit the most!

Bodywork and massage therapy for obese people has many benefits including, moving lymph and fluid from lower extremities upwards towards the core for processing. With mat work, we mobilize joints, stretch, and traction you which larger bodies usually desperately need.

Mat work gives larger bodies space and security. You also remained clothed so it's a nice way to begin a journey into bodywork sessions until you feel at ease letting a professional work on your body.

For tall, hairy, obese, small people: once you are on the mat or table, you are a human body to us. Yes, you are an individual, and we keep notes on your discomforts and areas of focus, but when our session is finished we move on to focusing on other human bodies. We see clients through the lens of anatomy. We are not here to judge you, we are here to help you along on your wellness journey.

Regular bodywork can help you stay in touch with your physical health. This helps you to work on your self acceptance and self love. You have to take care and love yourself so you can give your best to everyone else.

Licensed massage therapists strive to create a safe container, a place in their office where you can relax and receive work which will down regulate your nervous system and contribute to your wellness. Well, that's what I do and I hope my colleagues also join me in that goal.

Please shower and arrive to your sessions with a clean body (this keeps us safe) and we will do our best to decrease your discomforts and add to your wellness.

See you in session! Really, you can do it! Your body will thank you!

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