• brenda ovando lmt

The fear of flexibility

Feeling stiff? The opposite of standing still is movement. 

I know, I know. When you scroll through social media there's a bunch of beautiful bodies contorting into impossible poses. 

As humans, we compare and contrast. We look for our equals in the images we consume. 

There I am. I am a mom. I am a wife. I am my own person. I am also self employed which means I run my own business: I am the accountant, the marketing team, the hands-on person as well as the research team.

After being the typical massage therapist year after year I understand from multiple perspectives that the best treatment for many of the discomforts of body is a daily practice of flexibility and movement.

This is a challenge in modern living. Trust me, I know. In between all my roles I also have to create the time for myself. Should I eat toast or do yoga? Do you see how I made it a limiting choice? Really, I can do both! 

Mat based massage is my way of introducing you to the exploration of your human form. Where is your limit? Can your leg move this way? How does your arm feel in this position. Can you feel the space between the vertebrae of your spine when I traction you? Is there a breath of space between your ribs? 

We create a space to let the body feel and bend again. This is how we were born to be. We are human beings. We were born to move and breathe. There is no choice between standing still and being flexible. You do both. You blossom from one to the other and back again. 

That is what living a life is all about. 

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